Week . About Us

Week Food Industries was established in 1980 . This company strated it's second unit in the name Gol Asal company in a place 5 Km away from first unit in 1998 .

Chemical Laboratory

Chemical Laboratory , where physical and chemical tests are done on the products . The products are usually tested every day , and the product's conformity with the manufacturing formula , Peroxide , Ph , Acidity and etc is controlled .


The products are transfered and stored in the storehouse in accordance with the latest standards of foodstuffs maintanance .

Raw Materials

Week Food Industries produces it's products with high quality and from raw materials with high quality . This raw materials of the products are provided from such countries as Germany , Malaysia , Singapure and Holland then the products are exported to europe , Asia and Africans Countries .


This company is compactable to Produce Different kinds of Wafer , Normal and sweet meal Biscuits, Cream Biscuits, Toffees , Chocolate Layer Cake , Juices .

Computer Unit

In this unit, accounting , storing , graphic designing of the factory are made . In which section there is a computer which is guided by a central computer .

Cream Preparation Unit

In This unit the required cream for wafers and biscuits be prepared .

Coding Unit

In this unit the production and expiry date be printed on cartoned packs in three steps using jet printers made in France and Germany .

Microbic Laboratory

Microbic Laboratory where microbic tests are done on the products and raw materials .

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