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Novin Gol Asal

Novin Gol Asal Co , located 15 km away from Gol Asal Co , was established as a subsidiary of this company in 2014 , and the equipment of production lines was completed and completed in late 2014 . Since the beginning of 1394 , the company has been active in producing all kinds of natural juices of envelopes In Tera Pack 200 cc .

The raw materials of the company are from Turkey , Thailand and Brazil , which has the best quality to reject among others . The company's products now include Tetra Pack Nectar in 5 flavors and the Tetra Pack of Drink in 5 different flavors . The company has the most advanced laboratory equipment to control the quality of manufactured products , which is a healthy product and will be produced and soon , with the development of the company Novin Gol Asal juice production lines in the 1-liter packaging , we will see an increase in the variety of products of this company .

Novin Gol Asal Website : NovinGolAsal.ir

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